Velocity Wrap-up

June 26, 2008 10:51 am | 3 Comments

This week I co-chaired Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O’Reilly. It was great! Jesse and I told the story about how the conference came about. When we proposed the conference we believed there was a community of performance and operations engineers that needed a forum to share and learn, and the attendance at Velocity confirmed this. Velocity sold out with over 600 attendees!

The lineup of speakers was great. There was a lot of material packed in a 2-day conference. I stayed in the Performance track, but wanted to attend every session in the Operations track, too. Many speakers shared their slides, and there are videos and photos from some of the talks.

Here were my favorite sessions. I recommend you checkout the slides.

We’ve already started planning for Velocity 2009. Initial thoughts are to have more days at a bigger venue with more speakers. Start planning now on attending. Even better, start thinking about what you can share with our community to help make the Internet faster, more scalable, and more resilient with greater availability.

3 Responses to Velocity Wrap-up

  1. Thank you for sharing these links :)

    Note: I fear that the “slides” link is broken.

  2. The price for HttpWatch starts from $395, there are some other good http analyzers. For example http debugger ($50) or fiddler (free).

  3. Fiddler is awesome – in addition to being free, it has a strong scripting and plugin capability, and an amazing array of features. But… it’s a proxy so the browser behaves differently. Is HTTP debugger a proxy?