Firebug Working Group meeting

August 8, 2008 9:32 am | 1 Comment

This week I hosted the Firebug Working Group meeting at Google. The goal of the Firebug Working Group is to provide an organization for the many volunteers contributing to the Firebug project. Now that Mozilla is dedicating resources to Firebug, I have great hopes that Firebug development will continue at a quicker pace. All three of the Mozilla members were present: John Resig, Rob Campbell, and Jan Odvarko (by phone). Also present or dialed in were John J. Barton, Doug Crockford, Tony Gentilcore, Kevin Hakman, Kyle Scholz, Dion Almaer, Mike Wilcox, Eric Promislow, Stoyan Stefanov, and myself.

Highlights: Firebug 1.2 is nearing final beta. After testing it’ll be promoted to stable. The main focus for the next release is going to be performance, stability, and testing. Some new features are on the todo list, such as adding new CSS rules, viewing bound DOM event handlers, and exporting CSS changes. More details are available in my notes from the meeting. It’s very exciting to have Mozilla more involved, and bodes well for the future of Firebug.

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